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Our 2014 AGM and Reunion Dinner is being held on
Sat 17th May 2014

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April 2014: As work progresses, more pages will alter and new information will be added when YOU, the Old Boys, send it to the webmaster.

Following the last AGM the very large collection of photos taken away are being scanned and uploaded to this website. All School Year photos held by webmaster have now been updated.

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The original webmaster, Chris McCready, has handed over control of this site to the new webmaster, Chris Stevens. Thanks are given to Chris McC for starting the site and for the CONTINUED hosting on his Britsnet Ltd webspace.

Welcome to the website for Old Harlovians

New updates to site as @ April 2014:
School Year photos
House Photos

New & Updates to Profiles/Memories

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This site was set up mainly for the benefit of Old Boys who were pupils at Harlow College in Old Harlow, Essex. The school first opened in May 1862 for the "superior education of sons of gentlemen", sadly the school closed in 1965 and those old boys remaining moved onto other schools..

The age of the current Old Boys range from their 60's right through to their 90's. There is still a core membership who return annually for the AGM and Dinner. Of course the prospect of renewing friendships, or otherwise, of old pals and the bar of the the Green Man may have something to do with the success.

Get in Touch
We would love to include your personal profiles and updates. Everyone is curious to know what happened to their school contemporaries and we ask you to post your own story on this site. Send your stories, in any format, to the webmaster.

We would also like to make this site the repository for photos and memorabilia of your time at school, these include photos of pupils, teachers and staff and any other papers or photos you have. We also invite you to post your own personal photo gallery. Just click the various links for explanations. We also, of course, want to display as many of the official school year photos and house photos as possible. In the end, the Old Harlovian website will only be as good as you, the old boys, are prepared to make it, so your co-operation is eagerly sought. Oh, and don't forget to visit the school shop!

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